Lennart Erikssons anor

Eleanor Neville

Person chart


Partner Date of birth Children
Henry Percy 1393 Henry Percy

Person events

Event type Date Place Description
Death 1472

Kinship report

Name Type Place of birth Date of birth Place of death Date of death
Henry Percy Partner or Husband 1393 1455
Henry Percy Son 1421 1461
Henry Percy Grandson 1449 1489
Great grandchildren
Henry Algernon Percy Great grandson 1478 1527
Second grandchildren
Thomas Percy Second grandson 1537
Third grandchildren
Henry Percy Third grandson 1532 1585
Fourth grandchildren
Henry Percy Fourth grandson 1564 1632
Fifth grandchildren
Dorothy Percy Fifth granddaughter 1598 1650
6th grandchildren
Dorothy Sydney 6th granddaughter 1684
7th grandchildren
Robert Spencer 7th grandson 1640 1702