Lennart Erikssons anor

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

Person chart


Father Date of birth Mother Date of birth
Randolph Henry Churchill 1849 Jennie Jerome

Person events

Event type Date Place Description
Birth 1874-11-30 Blenheim, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
Death 1965-01-24 London, England

Kinship report

Name Type Place of birth Date of birth Place of death Date of death
Jennie Jerome Mother 1921
Randolph Henry Churchill Father 1849 1895
Frances Anne Emily Vane Grandmother 1899
John Winston Spencer-Churchill Grandfather 1822 1883
Great grandparents
Jane Stewart Great grandmother 1844
George Spencer-Churchill Great grandfather 1793 1857
Second great grandparents
George Stewart Second great grandfather
Susan Stewart Second great grandmother 1841
George Spencer Second great grandfather 1766 1840
Third great grandparents
Caroline Russell Third great grandmother 1811
John Stewart Third great grandfather
George Spencer Third great grandfather 1739 1817
Fourth great grandparents
Elizabeth Trevor Fourth great grandmother 1761
John Russell Fourth great grandfather
Charles Spencer Fourth great grandfather 1706 1758
Fifth great grandparents
Robert Spencer Fifth great grandfather 1640 1702
Anne Churchill Fifth great grandmother 1684 1716
6th great grandparents
Dorothy Sydney 6th great grandmother 1684
John Churchill 6th great grandfather
Henry Spencer 6th great grandfather 1620 1643