Lennart Erikssons anor

Jeanne (I) de Dreux

Person chart


Father Date of birth Mother Date of birth
Guy VII de Dreux 1287 Jeanne d' Avaugour


Partner Date of birth Children
Charles Châtillon-sur-Marne 1319 Jean (I) de Châtillon

Person events

Event type Date Place Description
Birth 1319
Death 1384

Kinship report

Name Type Place of birth Date of birth Place of death Date of death
Charles Châtillon-sur-Marne Partner or Husband 1319 1364
Jean (I) de Châtillon Son 1340 1404
Jeanne d' Avaugour Mother 1327
Guy VII de Dreux Father 1287 1331
Guillaume de Châtillon Grandson 1400 1454
Great grandchildren
Françoise de Châtillon Great granddaughter 1481
Second grandchildren
Jean d' Albret Second grandson 1470 1516
Third grandchildren
Henrik (II) d' Albret Third grandson 1503 1555
Fourth grandchildren
Jeanne d' Albret Fourth granddaughter Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Frankrike 1528-11-16 Paris, Frankrike 1572-06-09
Fifth grandchildren
Henrik (IV) av Bourbon Fifth grandson Pau 1553-12-13 Paris, Frankrike 1610-05-14
6th grandchildren
Ludvig (XIII) av Bourbon 6th grandson Fontainebleau, Frankrike 1601-09-27 Paris, Frankrike 1643-05-14
7th grandchildren
Ludvig (XVI) av Bourbon 7th grandson Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Frankrike 1638-09-05 Versailles, Frankrike 1715-09-01
Maria av Limoges Grandmother 1260 1291
Arthur II av Dreux Grandfather 1262 1312
Great grandparents
Jean de Dreux Great grandfather 1240 1305
Beatrix Plantagenet Great grandmother Bourdeaux, Gascogne, Frankrike 1242-06-25 London, England 1275-03-24
Second great grandparents
Henrik III av England Second great grandfather Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England 1207-10-01 Westminster, London, England 1272-11-16
Jean I de Dreux Second great grandfather 1217 1286
Eleonora av Provence Second great grandmother Aix-en-Provence, Frankrike 1223 Amesbury, Wiltshire, England 1291-06-25
Blance de Champagne Second great grandmother 1224 1283
Third great grandparents
Johan Plantagenet Third great grandfather Beaumont Palace, Oxford 1166-12-24 Newark Castle, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England 1216-10-19
Isabella av Angoulême Third great grandmother 1188 Fontevraud, Frankrike 1246-05-31
Pierre I de Dreux Third great grandfather 1191 1250
Alix I de Thouars Third great grandmother 1200 1221
Fourth great grandparents
Eleonora av Akvitanien Fourth great grandmother 1122 1204-04-01
Henrik II av England Fourth great grandfather Le Mans, Frankrike 1133-03-05 Chinon, Frankrike 1189-07-06
Guy de Thouars Fourth great grandfather 1155 1213
Constance de Penthièvre Fourth great grandmother 1161 1201
Fifth great grandparents
Matilda av England Fifth great grandmother 1102-02-07 Rouen, Frankrike 1167-09-10
Godefroi Plantagenet av Anjou Fifth great grandfather 1113-08-24 Château-du-Loir, Frankrike 1151-09-07
Conan IV Penthièvre Fifth great grandfather 1138 1171
Margareta av Skottland Fifth great grandmother 1139 1201
6th great grandparents
Alain de Penthièvre 6th great grandfather 1146
Henrik I av England 6th great grandfather Selby, Yorkshire, England 1068-09-01 Lyons la Foret, Normandie, Frankrike 1135-12-01
Matilda av Skottland 6th great grandmother 1080 1118-05-01
Berthe I de Cournouaille 6th great grandmother 1119 1157
Great great (uncles & aunts)
Edvard I Plantagenet Great great uncle Westminster Palace, London, England 1239-06-18 Burgh-on-Sands, Northumberland 1307-07-07
5xGreat (uncles & aunts)
Berthe I de Cournouaille 5xGreat aunt 1119 1157
6xGreat (uncles & aunts)
Elisabet av England 6xGreat aunt 1083 1150
Matilda av Normandiet 6xGreat aunt 1103
Third cousins
Lionel Plantagenet Third cousin (m) Antwerpen, Brabant 1338-11-29 Alba, Piedmonte, Italien 1368-10-17
1st cousins twice removed up
Edward II Plantagenet 1st cousin twice removed up (m) Caernarvon Castle, Wales 1284-04-25 Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire 1327-09-21
1st cousins 5 times removed up
Conan IV Penthièvre 1st cousin 5 times removed up (m) 1138 1171
1st cousins 6 times removed up
Afreca of Galloway 1st cousin 6 times removed up (f) Galloway 1099 Isle of Man 1130
Berthe I de Cournouaille 1st cousin 6 times removed up (f) 1119 1157
2nd cousins once removed up
Edward III Plantagenet 2nd cousin once removed up (m) Windsor Castle, England 1312-11-13 Sheen Palace, Surrey 1377-06-21
2nd cousins 4 times removed up
Constance de Penthièvre 2nd cousin 4 times removed up (f) 1161 1201
2nd cousins 5 times removed up
Gudröd IV Olofsson 2nd cousin 5 times removed up (m) Isle of Man 1127 1187-11-10
Conan IV Penthièvre 2nd cousin 5 times removed up (m) 1138 1171
3rd cousins 3 times removed up
Alix I de Thouars 3rd cousin 3 times removed up (f) 1200 1221
3rd cousins 4 times removed up
Constance de Penthièvre 3rd cousin 4 times removed up (f) 1161 1201
Reginald III Gudrödsson 3rd cousin 4 times removed up (m) 1165 1229
Olof II "Den Svarte" Gudrödsson 3rd cousin 4 times removed up (m) Isle of Man 1174 1237-05-21
4th cousins twice removed up
Jean I de Dreux 4th cousin twice removed up (m) 1217 1286
4th cousins 3 times removed up
Gudröd "Don" Reginaldsson 4th cousin 3 times removed up (m) 1186 1237
Alix I de Thouars 4th cousin 3 times removed up (f) 1200 1221
Magnhild Olofsdotter 4th cousin 3 times removed up (f) Isle of Man 1228 Trondheim, Norge 1300
5th cousins once removed up
Jean de Dreux 5th cousin once removed up (m) 1240 1305
5th cousins twice removed up
Harald II Gudrödsson 5th cousin twice removed up (m) 1210 1287
Jean I de Dreux 5th cousin twice removed up (m) 1217 1286
Hallsten Torleifsson 5th cousin twice removed up (m) Isle of Man 1272 1345
3rd cousins once removed
Philippa Plantagenet 3rd cousin once removed (f) Eltham Palace, Kent 1355-08-16 1378-01-05
3rd cousins twice removed
Elizabeth Mortimer 3rd cousin twice removed (f) Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales 1371-02-12 1417-04-20