Lennart Erikssons anor

Elizabeth Gordon

Person chart

Additional names

Additional names Name
Other Name Keith


Partner Date of birth Children
William Keith 1450 Janet Keith

Person events

Event type Date Place Description
Birth 1462 Kirkcudbright, Dumfrieshire
Death 1525-04-22 Skottland 3

Kinship report

Name Type Place of birth Date of birth Place of death Date of death
William Keith Partner or Husband Dunottar, Kincardineshire 1450 Dunottar, Kincardineshire 1526
Janet Keith Daughter Dunottar, Kincardineshire 1494 Montrose, Angus, Skottland 1547-08-25
Robert of Gartmore Graham Grandson Gartmore 1550 Skottland 1573-02-20
Great grandchildren
Elizabeth Agnes Graham Great granddaughter Skottland, Skottland 1605 Stafford, Virginia, USA, Virginia, USA 1672
Second grandchildren
John Alexander of Virginia Second grandson Stirlingshire, Oxford, England 1628 Stafford, Virginia, USA 1677-10-25
Third grandchildren
Robert Alexander Sr. of Virginia Third grandson Virginia, USA 1633 St. Paul Parish, Stafford, Virginia 1704
Fourth grandchildren
Philip Alexander Fourth grandson Stafford, Virginia, USA 1664 Stafford, Virginia, USA 1706
Fifth grandchildren
Philip Alexander Fifth grandson St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia, USA 1704-07-22 King Geo Co., Virginia, USA 1753-07-19
6th grandchildren
Frances Stuart Alexander 6th granddaughter Virginia, USA 1728-10-03
7th grandchildren
Martha Stuart 7th granddaughter 1754-10-10 1812