Lennart Erikssons anor

Samuel Petri Skunck

Person chart


Father Date of birth Mother Date of birth
Petrus Olai Skunck 1587 Helena Göding


Partner Date of birth Children
Margaretha Lithman

Person events

Event type Date Place Description
Birth 1632-03-25
Death 1685-08-05

Kinship report

Name Type Place of birth Date of birth Place of death Date of death
Margaretha Lithman Wife
Brothers & Sisters
Nicolaus Skunck Brother 1614-04-14 1676-12-04
Helena Göding Mother
Petrus Olai Skunck Father 1587 1639
Olaus Jonae Grandfather 1540 1612
Karin Nilsdotter Grandmother 1541 1619
Great grandparents
Nicolaus Stephani Great grandfather 1520 1595
Uncles & Aunts
Karl Göransson Skunck Uncle 1570 1636