Lennart Erikssons anor

Ingeborg Ulfsdotter Ulv

Person chart


Father Date of birth Mother Date of birth
Ulf Karlsson Ulv 1247 Ulv


Partner Date of birth Children
Birgitta Knutsdotter Lejonbalk

Kinship report

Name Type Place of birth Date of birth Place of death Date of death
Birgitta Knutsdotter Lejonbalk Daughter
Ulv Mother
Ulf Karlsson Ulv Father 1247 1281
Ingeborg Magnusdotter (Malstaätten) Granddaughter
Great grandchildren
Margareta Pedersdotter Bonde Great granddaughter 1352 1415
Second grandchildren
Peder Ulfsson Roos af Ervalla Second grandson Ervalla 1375 Sörum, Skedsmo 1442-05-08
Third grandchildren
Margareta Pedersdotter Roos af Ervalla Third granddaughter
Fourth grandchildren
Svein Laurensen Fourth grandson Hackås 1410 Näs 1470
Fifth grandchildren
Laurens Svensson Fifth grandson Kloxåsen, Näs 1430 Kloxåsen, Näs 1516
6th grandchildren
Karl Laurensson 6th grandson Kloxåsen, Näs 1460 Kloxåsen, Näs 1538
Laurens Laurensson 6th grandson 1464 1530
7th grandchildren
Erik Laurensson 7th grandson 1490 1538
Ulv Grandmother
Karl Karlsson Ulv Grandfather 1221 1261
Great grandparents
Karl den Döve Great grandfather 1165 Estland 1220-08-08
Second great grandparents
Sigrid Björnsdotter Lakman Second great grandmother
Bengt Snivel Second great grandfather 1110
Great great (uncles & aunts)
Magnus Minnesköld Great great uncle
Jarl Birger Brosa Great great uncle 1135 1202-01-09
Third cousins
Holmger Magnusson Lejonbalk Third cousin (m)
NN Filipsdotter Aspenäs Third cousin (f)
1st cousins twice removed up
Birger Magnusson 1st cousin twice removed up (m)
Elof Magnusson 1st cousin twice removed up (m)
Knut jarl 1st cousin twice removed up (m)
2nd cousins once removed up
Cecilia Elofsdotter 2nd cousin once removed up (f)
Cecilia Knutsdotter 2nd cousin once removed up (f)
3rd cousins once removed
Birgitta Filipsdotter Hjorthorn 3rd cousin once removed (f)
Ulf Holmgersson Lejonbalk 3rd cousin once removed (m)
3rd cousins twice removed
Cecilia Röriksdotter 3rd cousin twice removed (f)