Lennart Erikssons anor

Finola Mac Lochlainn



Ereignisart Datum Ort Beschreibung
Geburt 1150 Ulster, Irland, Irland
Tod 1180 Isle of Man


Name Art Geburtsort Geburtsdatum Todesort Todesdatum
Gudröd IV Olofsson Partner oder Ehemann Isle of Man 1127 1187-11-10
Reginald III Gudrödsson Sohn 1165 1229
Olof II "Den Svarte" Gudrödsson Sohn Isle of Man 1174 1237-05-21
Gudröd "Don" Reginaldsson Enkelsohn 1186 1237
Magnhild Olofsdotter Enkeltochter Isle of Man 1228 Trondheim, Norge 1300
Harald II Gudrödsson Urenkelsohn 1210 1287
Hallsten Torleifsson Urenkelsohn Isle of Man 1272 1345
Torleif Haraldsson Ur-Urenkelsohn 1228 1290
Nils Hallstensson Ur-Urenkelsohn Norge 1300 Frösön 1350
Hallsten Torleifsson Ur-Ur-Urenkelsohn Isle of Man 1272 1345
Peder Nilsson Skanke Ur-Ur-Urenkelsohn Mjälle, Frösön 1330 Hov, Hackås, Jämtland, Sverige 1420
Nils Hallstensson 4x(Ur)enkelsohn Norge 1300 Frösön 1350
Joen Pedersson Skanke 4x(Ur)enkelsohn 1344 1411
Karl (Carolus) Pedersson (Petri) 4x(Ur)enkelsohn 1360 1430
Peder Nilsson Skanke 5x(Ur)enkelsohn Mjälle, Frösön 1330 Hov, Hackås, Jämtland, Sverige 1420
Sigurd Jonsson 5x(Ur)enkelsohn Alsen 1380 Klocksåsen 1477
Örjan Karlsson Skancke 5x(Ur)enkelsohn 1403 1477
Jöns Karlsson Skanke 5x(Ur)enkelsohn Hackås 1407 Marieby 1489
Joen Pedersson Skanke 6x(Ur)enkelsohn 1344 1411
Karl (Carolus) Pedersson (Petri) 6x(Ur)enkelsohn 1360 1430
Johan Sigurdsson 6x(Ur)enkelsohn Klocksåsen 1420 Klocksåsen 1470
Karl Örjansson 6x(Ur)enkelsohn 1440 1488
Ingrid Jönsdotter Skanke 6x(Ur)enkeltochter Marieby 1455 Hackås 1535
Sigurd Jonsson 7x(Ur)enkelsohn Alsen 1380 Klocksåsen 1477
Örjan Karlsson Skancke 7x(Ur)enkelsohn 1403 1477
Jöns Karlsson Skanke 7x(Ur)enkelsohn Hackås 1407 Marieby 1489
Margareta Johansdotter 7x(Ur)enkeltochter Kloxåsen, Näs, Jämtland 1440 Kloxåsen, Näs, Jämtland 1510
Örjan Karlsson 7x(Ur)enkelsohn 1470 1530
Olof Jönsson Blix 7x(Ur)enkelsohn Bjärme, Hackås 1475 Rödön 1540


Fadern hette Murtough Mac Louglin, född som prinsessa.
Finolas anor: Irish Princess Finola, fader Kung Muincherlock Mac Lochlainn, farfar Kung av Irland Niall O`Lochlainn, farfarsfar Kung av Irland Domhnall O`Lochlainn. (Källa: Börje Matsson)The entry in the Chronicle of Mann is dated 1176 which describes Fhingola, dau. of MacLottlen, King of Ireland. Here we find Phingola married to Godred, with a son named Olave, who is said to bethree years old. So one can assume their union was consumated at least by 1173. Women married very early in those days so I'm not sure we can even assume an age of 20 in 1173, but if so, we wouldhave a possible birthdate of ca. 1150. These agree roughly with P.A.'s figures and could be adjusted back about 10 years. So it appears Phingola could have been a daughter of either Muirchertach,King of Ireland, or one of his sons.
(Källa: Clann Lochlainn)The Chronicle of the Kings of Man in 1176 states that Fionnuala was the daughter of Mac Lochlainn, son of Muircheartach the king of Ireland (surely meaning Muircheartach who was killed in 1166). Soher father could be any of the sons of this king, being Niall, Maelsechlainn, Muircheartach and possibly others.
(Källa: Sean Mac Lochlainn)

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